Chess & Checkers House


It’s true that you can play chess and checkers in almost any New York City park, however it’s only at the Chess & Checkers House that can you borrow pieces for your game. Dominoes and backgammon are also available. The 24 tables surrounding this rustic pagoda are blessed with ample shade, ideal for a checkers game any time of year. If you don’t have a player, the park staff will help you find one. This spot is frequented by those who play chess nearly every day. It is an excellent spot for chess neophytes to improve their games. The Chess and Checkers House is just a short distance to the southwest of the Dairy, perched on the large rock outcropping once known as the Kinderberg. Built in 1952 the octagonal red and cream colored brick structure has indoor as well as outdoor tables that attract players of all ages and prowess.



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